Refund method

Refund method

Please tell me about the refund method.

  1. Refunds will be refunded to your BAMBOOST wallet or original payment form, based on your chosen refund method.
  2. If you do not select a refund method, we will proceed according to the selection made in the refund record.

Note: Orders paid for with a BAMBOOST gift card will be refunded to the gift card by default.

When will I get my money back?

Once the refund has been processed, you will receive a refund notification email. The amount of time it takes to process a refund depends on the refund method and financial institution.

BAMBOOST Gift Card: 24 hours

BAMBOOST Wallet: 24 hours

PayPal: 1-5 business days

Credit/Debit Card: 1-15 business days

How can I get a refund if my credit or debit card has expired?

For security purposes, refunds will only be processed to the original payment card.

If your original card has expired, you can contact your card issuer (bank or card issuer) so that they can collect the payment on your behalf.

Please tell me how to check, search, and use the wallet.

Please log in to your BAMBOOST account and check if the refund has been applied in "Wallet" in "My Page". Please log in to the correct account and then click Wallet.

Your wallet balance can be used towards your next purchase or withdrawn to your original payment method.

What are ARNs?

ARN is an abbreviation for Acquirer Reference Number, and refers to the payment confirmation number. Some debit and credit cards generate an ARN number after a successful refund. The ARN is displayed on the refund details page. We will also send you an ARN notification by email.

If you do not receive your refund within the normal time frame, please contact your card-issuing bank for further details and information using the payment confirmation number for your refund.

Why is the amount received less than the amount refunded?

The following possibilities are possible.

  1. because the bank charges a fee
  2. Because the exchange rate at the time of refund has changed compared to the exchange rate at the time of payment
  3. Because it was refunded after deducting the installment fee
  4. Because the refund is for the actual amount paid, not the selling price

If you receive an amount less than what you should have, please contact your financial institution for the above details.

Note: Shipping charges and shipping guarantees at the time of purchase are non-refundable.