shipping information

Shipping information

home delivery

[Delivery service name] Sagawa Express


Product shipping timing

We do not accept delivery date and time designation at our store.

In the case of payment in advance (example: bank transfer) ⇒ After confirming payment, we will ship within 2 business days.

In the case of payment other than the above (example: credit card) ⇒ After confirming your order, we will ship it within 2 business days.

*In the case of payment in advance, the estimated delivery date may change depending on the timing of the customer's payment.

About reserved products

Depending on the release date, it may not be possible to deliver on the desired delivery date.

Also, depending on the release date, shipping may take longer than normal products.

Reserved items cannot be shipped together with regular items.

About delivery service

I will send it by Sagawa Express.

About Delivery Box

If you would like to use a parcel delivery box, please fill out the free form.

[Shipping fee list]

Orders over ¥5,000: Free shipping

*If the total amount of your order is 5,000 yen or less, the shipping fee will be 800 yen.

Consumption tax for shipping This price includes consumption tax.

Handling of remote islands, etc. Additional shipping charges may apply to remote islands and some areas.